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First performed by Schein in 1983 in the Bay

Area this monologue by acclaimed "noir" novelist

and poet - Jim Nisbet is a prescient elegy to

"the barbecued cue ball" once called earth.  After

30 years Note's relevance is astonishing

while  the language is star-struck, as sweet and

beautiful as “points and specs of light against a

deep black and blue universe.”


Earth-on-Fire A


OUT COMES BUTCH (50 minutes)


“Out Comes Butch,” grew out of a series of improvisations that Schein originally performed in Berkeley, CA. Schein toured “Butch” to London and Glasgow with Whoopi Goldberg and also to Amsterdam, Calgary, New York City and many other venues in the US and Canada.  “Out Comes Butch” was published in West Coast Plays and has been produced by various theaters in the USA.

“…an amazing series of verbal, sexual and personality transformations.” – San Francisco Chronicle

“…a gifted actor and wickedly funny writer.”– Chicago Reader

“ David Schein’s groundbreaking one man show Out Comes Butch is a theatre piece unlike any other you've seen…Fasten your seat belts.”  - Whoopi Goldberg

" ...turns sexual identification and gender politics on its ear.....a ballsy performance..." Pamela  Polston, 7 Days (VT) 2013.





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MYethiOPIA (1hr)  rockets from a whorehouse in Frankfurt to the Ethiopian market-place

"Surreal, funny and heart-wrenching"

- Judith Marcuse, Director,  International Centre for Art & Social Change)


















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Infarcation (30 min.)

channels the voices Schein heard when he had a cardiac incident and woke up in the  emergency ward wondering where he’d been when he was “out." "Infarcation” was presented as a choral work for four voices at Links Hall in Chicago and most recently with tapes and percussion at Off Center for the Dramatic Arts in Burlington, VT.



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