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OUT COMES BUTCH: “With breathtaking cheek and speed it charts one man’s hysterical circular odyssey through every sexual stereotype available to an an aware person.”

– Joyce Mcmillan, The Guardian


“…a gifted actor and wickedly funny writer.” – Laurence Bommer, Chicago Reader


"Half the audience wanted his blood, the other half would have happily settled for his autograph." – Felix Green - The Voice, Britain's Best Black Newspaper


TOKENS: A PLAY ON THE PLAGUE:  "Brilliant, powerful theater.  I am all admiration for the wonders of the show." – Nancy Scott,  San Francisco Examiner


"Anyone interested in theater should see it. It is magnificent." – A.J. Esta, Hollywood Dramalogue


"TOKENS' became a kind of strepping back to the essence of thetaer, a creation of art from the panorama of human experience." Aan Rich, California Magazine.


BORDER-X-FRONTERA (written with Guillermo Gomez Pena): Border-X-Frontera ia an intensely personal political work, a paragon of what performance art radio can be at it's best." – Jacki Apple, LA Reader


REVERENCE FOR THE DEAD (Ozball the Musical):  "Schein's take on the media culture and its obsession with violence is wickedly funny and keenly observed, and his writing is sharp thorugh the piece. The songs that Schein and J. Raoul Brody have created together are terrific." – Elliott Smith - The Daily Californinan


LIFE IS NOT A COUNTRY WESTERN SONG: "This is remarkable playwriting delivered with remarkable cadences and dexterity." – Marti  Keller, Berkely Gazette


MYethiOPIA: “Both funny and heart-wrenching, the show is a non-stop rollercoaster of personal and public calamities and victories, all delivered with great skill, energy and honesty.” – Judith, Marcuse, Director, International Centre for Art and Social Change


THE BOG PEOPLE:...gathered force as it thundered along. A ritual of human sacrifice enacted in spare, dark terms an with a made-up language inveneted by David Schein, its small knot of peformers convincingly suggested the fury of a possessed mob."Misha Berson, Bay Guardian


DIE RUCKKEHR DER JUDIN (The Return of the Jewish Woman - written with Pit Hartmann and Barara Kemmler): "Astonishingly relevant. A fight for remembrance is on our heels." – Werner Hiese, IVZ Munster