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"How Did They Die?”:  (2001) Written by the Ethiopian teen members of the Awassa AIDS

Education Circus, performed in markets, schools and refugee camps.

"Saturday Night Forever" (1996): Directed by Schein, written from improvisations by Senior

Theatre Company, Free Street Toos, toured in Midwest, 96-97.

"Club Date" (1992): Directed and produced by Schein at Spices Jazz Bar. Toured in Midwest.

Written with Doug Lofstrom & the Club Date Band: an improvisation on the history of Chicago jazz

with veteran jazz musicians of Chicago's South Side,

"Die Ruckehr der Judin" (The Return of the Jewish Woman (1990): Directed by Schein at

Theater Initiatif, Münster, Germany, revived for German tour, '91, '92.

"Whoopi Goldberg on Broadway" (1984): Schein was the original outside eye & contributing

writer for Goldberg's first solo , "The Spook Show", adapted for Broadway by Mike Nichols.



"Reverence for the Dead" (1986): Schein wrote, produced, directed & composed

(with J. Raoul Brody) this musical about the return of Lee Harvey Oswald.  Performed at the

Hawkeye Studio, Berkeley, Feb-April 1987.

"TOKENS: A Play on the Plague" (1985): Schein wrote, produced and composed (with Candace

Natvig) this poly-choral dance piece for sixty  performers, presented at Theater Artaud, SF.

Winner of Bay Area Critics and four Hollywood Dramalogue Awards.

"Pagans & Stones" (1990): Two one acts on contemporary Jewish-American themes, written &

directed by Schein, presented at the Home for Contemporary Theater & Art, NYC.



"Out Comes Butch" (2013, 1981): Written in 1981, & performed by Schein in North America and

Europe. Produced by the Guthrie Theater of Minneapolis in 92. Revived in 2008 at Voodoo Lounge,

New Orleans, Box Theater, Santa Fe, Reg Studio, Jamestown, NY, Off Center, Burlington VT.

"Infarcation" (2002-2013): first performed at Curious Theater's Rhino Festival (Chicago),

and in 2013 at Off Center, Burlington, VT.

"Note from Earth" (1984-2013), written by Jim Nisbet, performed originally Mariposa Studio, SF

revived 2013, Off Center, Burlington, VT  

"Queen City Songs" (2009): Song series performed with Aurora Schein Hardwick (VT) TownHouse

"MYethiOPIA" (2007): Written and performed by Schein in San Francisco, LA and VT.

"My Murder & Other Local News" (1998):  Produced by Curious Theater in Chicago, performed

in various venues in the US and Europe. 



"Border-X-Frontera" (1986): written & recorded with Guillermo Gomez-Pena for

the American Public Radio Network and broadcast nationally on NPR.

"Soundscape Las Vegas" (1987): written with Florian Steinbiss, commissioned and Broadcast by

Rundfunk Westfalia.  



Out Comes Butch: (1985) West Coast Plays 17/18

Incident in Awassa: (2002) American Theater Magazine, June,  American Theater Reader (2009)

My Murder and Other Local News (2014), performance poems published by Fomite Press